Our Farm Services

Quality Milk from Quality Farms

Rolling Hills Dairy Producers Cooperative provides farm members with a competitive pay price and a stable market. This is achieved by keeping the co-op’s operating costs low and returning all revenues to farm members.

Milk Quality

  • Milk quality testing & online sample retrieval at Fox Valley Quality Control Lab
  • Milk check assignments
  • Field service and assistance
  • On farm antibiotic testing
  • Co-op participates and enrolls farms in FARM Program

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Committed to a

Future of Excellence

The FARM Animal Care Program helps to demonstrate dairy farmers’ commitment to providing excellent care of their dairy cattle and producing safe, wholesome milk.

The FARM Animal Care Program:

  • Details animal care guidelines using the latest research and best management practices in the National Dairy FARM Animal Care Reference Manual
  • Implements on-farm evaluations by trained evaluators who help identify strengths and outline improvements for dairy farms
  • Ensures integrity of the program through third-party verification

Herd Health Protocol

Find templates, draft documents and resources to assist in the development of a Herd Health Plan and animal care protocols.

Farm Animal Care Evaluation

Resources to assist in preparation for your FARM Animal Care Version 4 evaluation. Below are the signature pages that go along with the herd protocols.

Animal Care

Demonstrating the highest animal care standards on dairy farms. Find Animal Care Resources.

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