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Rolling Hills Dairy Producers CO OP donates cheese to local Food Pantries throughout South Western Wisconsin. This is a way the Co-op’s farmers can give back to their communities. There are 600 pounds or more of Cheddar cheese being distributed in these areas. The Co-op has been supplying milk to area cheese plants for over 12 years. Maple Leaf Cheese Co-op manufactures the cheese then ships it to Alpine Slicing & Cheese for the slicing, wrapping & packaging. The Co-op employees and some of their Board Members help deliver the boxes of cheese to the Food

Pantry locations and a few school & church programs as well. This is a group effort that has proven to be very successful and greatly appreciated as these food pantries continue to supply food to people in need.

Mary Dietz, Director of Green County Inter-Church Food Pantry in Monroe informed her group that Rolling Hills Dairy Producers Cooperative has been donating cheese like this for over 5 years. This time of year, it’s such a blessing to receive.

Pictured left to right Ryan Moore, field man from Rolling Hills Co-Op, Mary Dietz, Director of Green County Food Pantry, along with Kyle Campbell and Bob Ellefson.