About Our Co-op

Welcome To Rolling Hills Dairy Producers Cooperative

Rolling Hills Dairy Producers Cooperative was established in May of 2006 with 14 charter members handling 3.1 million pounds of milk per month.  The co-op operated out of Larry Hermanson’s home office until 2010, when the office was moved to a location in Monroe, Wisconsin.

The first processors to buy from Rolling Hills were Roth Kase, USA and Mexican Cheese Producers, both located in Southern Wisconsin.

Rolling Hills Dairy Producers Cooperative elects a board of directors and is governed under bylaws written by it’s members. We have grown to 161 farms and are handling 42 million pounds of milk per month.  Rolling Hills provides milk to 14 dairy plants located throughout Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Rolling Hills Dairy Producers Cooperative reqires all members to participate in Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM Program).


Looking Forward

Procurement to meet buyer needs

Diversification into specialty markets

Strengthen consumer confidence

Farmer & consumer networking & education

Continue to provide & Improve milk quality

Sustainable farms for the future

Support local farmers and communities

Market for fair prices and return as much to our members as possible

Our Staff

Larry Hermanson

General Manager

Micah Ends

Operations Manager

Ryan Moore

Field Representative

Our Board of Directors

Members of our Board of Directors are elected by the membership at our annual meeting. Board members must be member farms of the Cooperative and serve a three year term.

Mark Vosberg


Nate Kliebenstein

Vice President

Kyle Levetzow

Secretary Treasurer

Shane Sauer

Director Seat

Sam Schneider

Director Seat

Rolling Hills Dairy Coop Members